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Sustainability for us is about ensuring a better quality of life for everyone, now and for the generations to come. Sustainability is incorporated into all that we do.

Green Mission : Promotion with Resilience


Reynold is committed to ensure that the manufacturing process has the smallest possible environmental effect. In pursuit of attaining the goal of sustainability, operating standards are created and a continuous effort is made to meet the specific high standards for energy efficiency, system reliability, environmental compliance, occupant comfort and safety and other factors.

Sustainability for us means taking on the challenges of innovating successful green products across all Product ranges and markets. It means state-of-the-art operations and work practices and great community relations. It means not stopping at one target; but to continuously go back to the drawing board to set ambitious new ones. We strive to lower energy, water and chemical consumptions across all major product categories and enhance efficiency in our operations. The production and manufacturing standards are laid down on a firm belief that the greatest potential to positively impact the environment is to improve the efficiency of products during use. Apart from meeting the locally defined market and regulatory demands, the product range, also reflects our established environmental parameters.

Now, all this is easier said than put into practice, particularly in a fiercely competitive and globalized environment. Most organisations would delve into on-paper canvassing, for sure, but the reality remains, nothing very appreciable can be seen being done, on a subject needing preference by default in everything we come across, just within our daily routines.

At Reynold, it begins from being resilient and persistent to promote GREEN technology at the customers’ places, to begin with, at all costs. The people in consultative groups, the decision makers and those who impact a decision as well as the people in the frontline are apprised of the need and reasons to promote green concepts as well as other environment friendly technologies. There on, the awareness is spread at the users’ places, not appreciably aware of the specific product and technological facts and their long term impact on the ecosystem.

At every installation it works as almost a protocol to train the users for the economic use of equipment, machinery and the utilities and the benefits there off to the respective organisations. Installation sites are surveyed in advance and recommendations are made for economic and durable use of installed equipments. The auxiliary items associated with the project are either chosen or recommended, as the case may be, as per their energy efficiency and life-cycle costs.

We promote green technology as a standard practice and are on our tows to improve it; and the response we see is overwhelming.

Practices : Thinking Environmentalism

SustainabilityThe economic use of all that impacts the environment is highly promoted, through systems. Like, we are a paperless organisation since year 2000. We simply don’t encourage ‘hard copy’, for which we ran a campaign for the whole year. In addition, whatever essential use of paper remains in practice, is further economised, by promoting ‘Green Boxes’ at each office, instead of a bin, to collect paper from the work desks, not shredding, and then reusing.

Effective water harvesting and conservation at our factories is in use. Economic use of utilities like electricity and water is followed by each Reynoldian, be it a work desk, conference or a utility area.

We take pride in doing our bit to whatever extent we can reach. We strive to push and elevate the cause of sustainability on a continued and multi-dimensional basis as we understand that the cause is specifically our own and is benefitting us, be it on a long run.

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